Look at Your Labels this Christmas

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I was in a wine shop a few weeks ago and I was looking at a couple of bottles. One had a very fancy label that immediately stood out on the shelf and the other had a plain label. At a glance, you’d think the fancier bottle was the more expensive wine. However, the plainer labelled bottle was actually half … Read More

Food Labelling and Allergens

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The recent court case against Pret a Manger has brought to life just how important correct food labelling is. It literally is a matter of life or death. As vital as it is, though, mistakes are easy to make and companies need to ensure that if they’re selling food products then they have the right solutions in place to protect … Read More

Egg-cellent Labels for Cracking Local Company

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I’ve worked with a local company recently to provide new branded labels to go on egg boxes. I was delighted to help a small business that believes in giving back to the community. Here’s the story… Since 2012, Mr Ed’s Eggs has been providing a personal food delivery service to residents in Solihull. Starting out with just delivering locally sourced … Read More

No Problem Too Big (or small)

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This blog isn’t called “Roger’s Sticky Issues” because I’m loosely trying to connect it to labels (okay, maybe a little bit). The actual truth is that I love problem solving. It’s one of the biggest reasons that I opened up my own business in the first place. Now I have the freedom to explore as many ways as possible that … Read More

Environmentally Friendly

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There’s one thing that I feel more strongly about than anything else and that’s the environment. We need to protect the earth as best we can and help to restore it for all the generations to come. This being the case, when I started Inspirational Labels I knew that the business had to follow the same ethics.