Egg-cellent Labels for Cracking Local Company

Roger DoreBlog

I’ve worked with a local company recently to provide new branded labels to go on egg boxes. I was delighted to help a small business that believes in giving back to the community. Here’s the story…

Since 2012, Mr Ed’s Eggs has been providing a personal food delivery service to residents in Solihull. Starting out with just delivering locally sourced eggs, the company now provides a whole range of food products, such a bacon and sausages, jams and marmalades, fruit and veg, and ice cream. Orders can be made online and Mr Ed will drop them off himself, or residents can catch him on his rounds and buy on the spot.

The business recaptures a time when a personal delivery service was a regular feature of everyone’s week. Rather than mass produced and shipped items from a supermarket, Mr Ed’s Eggs works with local suppliers – in itself an important feature of the business – and brings very fresh produce to busy people or those who aren’t able to get to the shops themselves.

From just a small start, Mr Ed’s Eggs has grown in popularity and in 2018 the company identified the need to work on its branding to help new and existing customers connect more with the products that it’s selling.

Labelling Up
At the time of considering his branding, Edward, the owner of the Mr Ed’s Eggs, came across a sample of labels from Inspirational Labels. Inspirational Labels provides an innovative approach to professional and cost effective labelling. With over 20 years’ experience, the company provides labelling solutions that meet a multitude of different requirements to a large variety of industries. Edward was impressed with the quality of the label samples he saw so he got in touch with Inspirational Labels to find out how they could help.

During an initial exploratory session, Inspirational Labels discussed Edward’s needs to not only identify what type of label was required, but also what the overall aim of the label was, to ensure the end solution was as beneficial as possible. Through the company’s vast experience, Inspirational Labels was also able to offer Edward useful advice such as the precise specification of the label, with everything planned down to the last millimetre. This was especially important as the labels needed to include a best before date.

Going away with a detailed brief, Inspirational Labels set to work on finding Mr Ed’s Eggs the best and most cost effective solution to meet the exact requirements. Inspirational Labels even did the design work to adapt Mr Ed’s Eggs current branding so that it would properly work on the label, offering as much support to Mr Ed’s Eggs as was needed.

The End Result
Inspirational Labels came back to Mr Ed’s Eggs with a proposed solution and Edward was immediately delighted, stating, “Inspirational labels made my brand look so much better. I wanted the labels so that people would remember me as they used the products, and because they looked so good I knew people would take notice. After my initial meeting with Roger, I was put instantly as ease as I knew he’d give me exactly what I wanted.”

Edward continues, “I was very impressed by not only the professional service I got, but also how professional the end product looked. I’ve got enough labels to last me about three months and as soon as I need more I won’t hesitate in going back to Inspirational Labels.”

Edward is already considering how he can use the labels across more of his products to extend his branding and build more familiarity within the area. “Getting more labels is definitely an option as the price was so reasonable. The labels came in much lower than I was expecting. Overall it was a very cost effective job that allows me to show off my brand as much as I can. I only have good things to say.”

Finally, Edward explains, “Inspirational Labels’ strapline is stick with us and this really resonated with me. One of the reasons I started my door to door service was to bring people together and support local small businesses. I believe in a community and sticking together is just as important now as it ever has been. I’ll definitely be sticking with Inspirational Labels in the future.”