Environmentally Friendly

Roger DoreBlog

There’s one thing that I feel more strongly about than anything else and that’s the environment. We need to protect the earth as best we can and help to restore it for all the generations to come. This being the case, when I started Inspirational Labels I knew that the business had to follow the same ethics.

For starters, the business car is electric. I know many people have reservations about electric cars, but there is so much time and money being put into the research and development of electric cars at present, it’s only a matter of time before they’re more popular than petrol or diesel, and I can see well before this century is out a great number of people will be self-sufficient. They’ll be off the grid and producing their own power. But that’s a ‘sticky issue’ for another time.

To look more at the core of my business, then it all comes down to paper. We need labels, we can’t escape it. But how we re-use items and recycle them is what’s going to make the difference and this is where I work closely with my customers.

I find more and more that people ask me about the materials I use, and I always make a point of knowing. What has got plastic in and what’s compostable? Do you know that about the products you use? If not then I urge you to find out. There are always alternatives that can be less costly to our world.

I always insist on recycling too. For every one of my customers, I ask them for the cores back of the label rolls. All they have to do is keep them aside and I’ll collect them when I next visit them. And I have to say, most customers really like that aspect of my service. It’s less waste for them and I get to make sure I’m re-using and recycling as much as I can. More than this, though, any sort of cardboard I re-use wherever I can.

If there’s one difference that I’d like my company to make then it’s to encourage everyone to review what they’re using and just ask a few questions to make sure they’re utilising the best products for our environment. We don’t have to change the world overnight, but if we all make a few simple changes then the knock on effect could be huge.