Look at Your Labels this Christmas

Roger DoreBlog

I was in a wine shop a few weeks ago and I was looking at a couple of bottles. One had a very fancy label that immediately stood out on the shelf and the other had a plain label. At a glance, you’d think the fancier bottle was the more expensive wine. However, the plainer labelled bottle was actually half the price of the other one.

We all know you should never judge a book by its cover and it appears wine bottles are no different. And, just like a book, what we should in fact be looking at is the text. In the case of wine, that’s the details on the back; the details that every label has to have by law. This will reveal the strength, depth, flavour and all the other information that we need to know. It’s here that we should be able to see whether the wine is right for us or not.

It’s no different with food. The packaging can be detailed and colourful, or basic and to the point. It doesn’t matter. It’s when we pick it up and look for the label that we should be able to find out what the product is really made up of and we should be able to judge whether we want it or not. What are the ingredients, what is the fat content, how much sugar is in it and, most importantly, what are the allergens?

Some people have no choice but to study the label as eating the wrong sort of food could literally be a matter of life or death. Other more lucky people can eat anything and would never even think to glance at the label. Either way, the information should always be there.

You may think food and drink labelling is just a tick in the box. You have to put the details on there because there has to be the details there. But labels offer so much more.

This Christmas, when you’re buying your mince pies or searching for that special bottle of sparkling wine, take a few seconds to check out the label. There is so much information, you may find things you never knew.

Then again, when you see how much sugar is in your mince pie, you might regret it…

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