No Problem Too Big (or small)

Roger DoreBlog

This blog isn’t called “Roger’s Sticky Issues” because I’m loosely trying to connect it to labels (okay, maybe a little bit). The actual truth is that I love problem solving. It’s one of the biggest reasons that I opened up my own business in the first place. Now I have the freedom to explore as many ways as possible that a job can be produced before deciding on the right solution for the customer; that will meet all of their requirements. Not just in terms of finish and quality, but price too.

You’d be surprised how much kit is used in the world of labelling. I don’t just have a printer and a roll of paper – although I do have that as well. I have multiple different printing techniques and access to hundreds of different types of paper. It comes in different weights, shapes, finishes, colours. The list is pretty endless.

However, this comes with problems in itself. Sometimes there are so many different ways that a job can be completed, it’s hard to know where to start. But I love it. I’m almost disappointed if a job is too easy. There’s nothing more exciting than working through a difficult task and coming out the other end with the perfect solution. Sometimes it’s even better than what we originally had in mind.

To give you an example, in one month I was once asked to create an enormous label for a customer. It was 8ft in diameter. This isn’t easy to produce as you need a very large printer. But I found a way to get the customer what they wanted. Then later that month I was asked to produce the tiniest label I’d ever seen. At just 12 mm, it couldn’t have been much smaller (as pictured). Again, I had to put my thinking cap on to decide how best to produce it.

Standard sized white labels are always going to be the cheapest as much of the work is already done. Something unusual is likely to have a bigger price tag attached as it will need to be more bespoke. But I don’t like charging my customers unnecessarily, and this is another way I like to solve problems. How can I produce something unusual at a price that’s more standard? Not everything is possible, but I’ll give it a good try.

It’s important that I have a good relationship with customers and so meeting their needs is high on the agenda. Little do they know that when they ask for something complicated I’m punching the air with delight in my mind. Although they probably will now if they read this.

Anyway, if you look around my site you’ll see that I’m asking anyone who has labels produced if they’re up for a challenge. Having had about 20 years in this industry I’ve built up a wealth of knowledge and I reckon my prices and solutions will be hard to beat. If you’d like to see if we could provide you with a better and more cost effective labelling solution than what you currently have, I’d love to hear from you. Just give me a call or drop me an email and let’s take it from there. If nothing else, I’ll enjoy trying.