Judo 2 Line Promo Gun


Promote Your Product Line...
Easy to use PROMO gun. Just the job for quick Promotion of a Product line. Whether it be on Special Offer or Clearance, or maybe Best Buy or simply to draw attention to a new product.


Just recently launched in the U.K.

The Judo PROMO 2 line hand labelling tool.

One of the easiest to use hand labelling guns to be ever produced.

Simply dial up your preferred top line from things like ” NOW, DISCOUNT,10% OFF, 25% OFF, 50% OFF, SALE, HALF PRICE, 2 FOR 1,OUR PRICE, Special Offer,Best Buy, etc

Then dial up your Price info using the lower line, complete with the Euro or Pound sign.

Simple, Straightforward, Low Cost Labelling.